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5 Beauty Secrets We Copped Out From Japanese Women

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The Japanese are one self-sufficient and quirky bunch, and that translates to their beauty routine, too.

From using red beans and rice as a beauty staple, the women are known for their crystal-clear, porcelain skin.

Here are the 15 beauty secrets Japanese women have been keeping under wraps for centuries. Your skin will never be the same again.

Green Tea: No, not meaning yo should chug a huge green tea latte every day. You have to be dedicated to drinking the antioxidant and metabolism booster two or three times a day. The Japanese tea ceremony is an important one—not only for the nerves, but for the skin.

Adzuki Beans: You can eat Azuki beans with rice or in mochi, or you can crush up the beans and wash your face to exfoliate your skin. The brownish-red bean is also a rich source of antioxidants.

Rice: Geishas would actually wash their faces with boiled-down rice water. It’s an old trick used to keep their skin bright and fair. Rice water helps with your skin’s elasticity to even tone and smooth texture. The rice water actually helps gradually lighten the complexion—you can consider it the original skin brightener.

Tsubaki Oil: The tsubaki, or camellia flower, is packed with oleic acids that are extremely compatible with our own skin. Both Japanese men and women commonly use camellia oil to moisturize their skin, face, and hair. You can buy this at a drugstore, or find it in a food market.

The Japanese have a concept called “Mie-nai Oshareh.” This translates to “unseen beauty” – a beauty that does not have to be necessarily displayed to be seen. It refers to a poise and confidence that expensive products and cosmetics can’t buy, and to an inner glow of happiness that comes from wearing a favourite dress, eating a good meal, and remembering to treat yourself well.


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