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5 Beauty Advice From Real French Girls

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When it comes to French beauty, the simple elegance of Audrey Toutou and Eva Green comes to mind.

French girls are known for their effortless and mysterious beauty.But how do they keep their appearances look healthy and ethereal, with almost no work at all?

We dug the secrets from the Frenchies themselves so women in Malaysia could also get that ‘Parisian look’:

1. Minimal Sun Exposure

The French’s epitome of pretty is pale, almost translucent skin, and the girls certainly don’t get that by tanning under the during the Summer months.

While a little sun-kissed colour is acceptable, the tan is most likely come from a bottle rather than a month at St. Tropez. The gradual tan moisturizer gives a subtle tint than a full on bronzed skin.

2. Chug More H2O

In France, water is regarded like royalty: it’s a beverage and a beauty enhancer all in one.

So it comes to no surprise that France is famous for its mineral water springs. Brands like Vichy and Avene which uses mineral water in their formulations can be found in their beauty arsenal.

Not only used for drinking, French women uses water sprays to perk up their complexion. Just a quick spritz instantly moisturizes and wake up the skin.

3. French Girls Love Masks

“In France, you grow up knowing to do a mask for your skin at least once or twice a week,” French-born NYC PR exec Marie-Laure Fournier says.

Mireille Guiliano, author of French Women Don’t Get Fat, says. recommends an acacia honey mask, which was recommended to her by her grandmother. Apply lightly and rinse with cold water.

“The gluing texture of the honey will take care of impurities ever so gently and leave your face glowing,” Mireille says.

5. French girls trust kitchen remedies

French girls love their DIY beauty products. All Parisian women have their own at-home spa rituals, with ingredients that can be found in one’s fridge or cupboards.

They’re especially obsessed with olive oil. Beauty expert at Aufeminin, Clementine Fitaire says: “Olive oil is excellent on salads but also in cosmetics! Hair, skin, homemade beauty recipes… we use it in many ways.”

Mathilde Thomas, co-founder of luxe skincare brand Caudalie, uses a mixture of egg yolk, rum, and olive oil on her hair. “It’s a grandma recipe, very French. You put that awful mixture on your head for an hour and then shampoo. It makes your hair very shiny, with a lot of body,” she says.

“Everyone has their own legends and tricks for homemade masks,” Marie-Laure says, adding that each recipe differs, depending on where their family was from. Lavender is a popular ingredient in the South of France. Seaweed is used by those from Brittany.

6. French girls believe less is more

Flawless skin, unfussed hair, maybe a bold red lip. French girls know how to rock the minimal makeup look. What’s not to love?

“In France, we never push it,” Paris-based Dior makeup artist Violette. “We don’t like to change ourselves. So when putting on makeup, we just want to look fresher, but that’s it. And we like to look the same when we take it all off. You brush your brows, you curl your lashes, you put on a little bit of mascara, a little bit of blush, maybe a little bit of concealer.”

Natural beauty is very important for French girls, they don’t want to feel masked by makeup. If you’re going to try and emulate French girl beauty, go for either eyes or lips, never both.

We’re going to remember the “less is more” mantra next time we are pressed for time in the AM!


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