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5 Aesthetic Treatments For Indian Skin

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Malaysia has a melting pot of cultures, filled to the brim with exotic locales that comprises of beautiful people of various skin colours. One of the most beautiful skin tones is possessed by the Indians. With their mahogany tone and luxurious complexion, the Indians seem to have little effort in looking glamorous. However, that doe snot necessarily mean that they aren’t likely candidates of problematic skin.

We scoured the Net for the perfect aesthetic solution to the pesky skin woes commonly affect the Indian community, and we found Dr Komathy Rajaratnam, founder of The Lifestyle Clinic in Singapore’s famous Camden Road. Read on to get a scoop on treatments that will help you put your best face forward:



A distressing condition that ranges from uneven skin tone and acne scars to melasma (dark patches on the cheeks, forehead, upper lip and sometimes neck). Melasma is difficult to treat but medical-grade lightening creams, sunscreen and/or chemical peels do help to clear it.

Dark eye circles


This is typical among Indians. A major factor is sunken eye sockets and pigmentation which makes a person look perpetually tired. The only remedy for hollowness is to fill it out – using hyaluronic acid filler. Eye creams with lightening agents, vitamins A, K and/or C with hyaluronic acid and peptides help to correct pigmentation.

Excessive hair


Hirsutism usually presents itself as moustache, beard, chest and nipple hair. The most effective treatment is using either the Nd-Yag or Diode laser. Both are safe on Indian skin, unlike IPL which can easily cause burns.

Hair loss

female pattern
A common problem not just for men but also for women and at a younger age too, hair loss is mainly due to stress and hormonal changes.
Women should have a blood test to check their iron, thyroid and sex hormone levels. Treatment involves two steps: First, stopping hair loss – with medicated lotion containing minoxidil. Second, inducing healthy hair growth – by taking vitamins specific for hair growth and with the micro-infusion of serum into the scalp.

Skin tags

A condition frequently seen on Indian skin, they appear as fleshy tiny growths on the neck and lower face, underarm and groin. Carbon dioxide laser clears them completely.MYNEWSHUB


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