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Moderation Can Denounce, Challenge Extremist Ideologies – Anifah

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KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia has expressed confidence that the strong, united and informed voices of the moderates will be able to denounce and challenge extremist ideologies in an effective, coordinated and credible way.

Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman said defeating extremism required the concerted efforts of peoples and nations around the world, as well as their perseverance to strengthen the multiracial and multi-faith democracy.

“We are witnessing the rising influence of extremists who seek to divide our communities.

“They breed contempt and create discord through their extremist ideologies to serve their agenda. We must not allow them to succeed,” he said at the 7th Global Forum of the United Nations Alliance of Civilisations in Baku, Azerbaijan, yesterday. The text of his speech was released to Bernama Wednesday.

Anifah said moderation was an approach that sought to bridge differences, address the various manifestations of extremism, including political and religious extremism, and was essential to sustain an inclusive and peaceful society.

Anifah said moderation not only helped to resolve differences and conflicts peacefully but also ensured sustainable development, equitable growth, social harmony and mutual understanding within a country or region.

He also said that inclusive societies were a goal that people should aspire to achieve as it could bring many benefits such as greater progress in development, success in nation-building and a conducive environment to live in peace and harmony.

“While sustaining inclusive societies may seem a formidable challenge, what it requires to succeed is for all nations to take concrete steps to imbue and nurture positive values such as tolerance, acceptance, mutual understanding and moderation,” he said.

Anifah had also touched on education, saying that played a critical role in inclusive societies.

He said education would provide opportunities to learn and that diversity was not an obstacle but strength that enriched life, cultivated understanding and appreciation of other societies, cultures and religions.



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