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Gwyneth Paltrow Panned For Her RM800 Sex Drive-Boosting Smoothie

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Gwyneth Paltrow is getting skewered on the Internet for posting a breakfast smoothie recipe on her lifestyle site Goop which amounts to more than US$200 (RM828).

Reaction to the actress-turned-lifestyle-guru’s smoothie recipe has been fast and furious, after The Daily Mail UK broke down the cost of Paltrow’s daily breakfast routine and came up with a headline that screamed “Gwyneth Paltrow shares breakfast smoothie recipe on Goop that includes a sex-drive boosting herb and Moon Dust – but the ingredients costs $223”.

The cost was tallied by adding up the 11 ingredients.

Aside from staples like almond milk, almond butter and coconut oil, for instance, the recipe calls for lesser known ingredients like maca, ashwagandha, ho shou wu, cordyceps, and “Moon Dust” that can help with everything from skin, sleep, spirit to sex.

Prices for each jar range from US$17 to US$65, adding up to about US$200. Moon Dust, by the way, is sold on her site.


While the triple-digit price tag makes for a good headline, Vanity Fair, however, came to Paltrow’s defence and broke down the cost even further, coming up with a much more digestible number of US$10.52 (RM43.55) per smoothie.

For instance, while a 2oz (56g) jar of Moon Juice Sex Dust may set you back US$60, the recipe calls for one teaspoon, which works out to be US$4.50 – the most expensive ingredient in the recipe.

The Moon Juice Sex Dust is made with ingredients like ho shou wu, cacao and maca and claims to stimulate sexual flow in men and women and “nourish sexual vigor” as well as enhance creativity. – AFP Relaxnews

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