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Fans Go Wild Over Photo Nora Danish’s Son Rayqal’s Lipstick-Marked Face

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Nora Danish truly deserves the title of Malaysia’s Queen Bee: with over 1 million Instagram followers, a career that any actress would trade their right arm for, and a Tourism Minister’s son as a boyfriend, it seems good luck is just in Nora’s nature.

However, that does not necessarily mean that the mother-of-one don’t possess her share of haters.

No stranger to controversy, Nora’s latest Instagram post shook a few leaves recently. But it’s not as risque as it sounds.

The actress uploaded a sweet picture of her and son, Rayqal, with his face smeared in lipstick stains.

As expected, the picture received a lot of hilarious,pervy comments from her male fans!





One user, known as bosleek75 said,”I wish I had one of those!”,while another, hasny_sempoi wrote,”If only I was Rayqal…hahaha”.

The post also enticed the wild imaginations of fans, with one Salahudyyynn commented, “When’s my turn?”, while  alifsya commented,”Arrghhh…would be so great if I’m the (she kisses).”

Nora’s striking good looks, with a hint of her Burmese ancestry, and her status as a single mother only serve as fodder for constant gossip.

In dealing with hurtful gossip, she says her main concern has always been her son.

“I have to always be careful, even when choosing schools for him because people will always talk and he gets the brunt of it too. I want him to grow up happy and healthy,” said Nora of her six-year-old boy, Putra Rayqal Ramli.MYNEWSHUB/Text: SARA KHALID

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