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4 Ways How Love Makes You Fat

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It’s unlikely you’ll meet Mr or Mrs Right after one date. So, chances are you’ll have to go on lots of dates before you find ‘The One’.
And whilst that’s all well and good, dating is jam-packed full of hidden fat-traps. Fat-traps that might be causing you to unknowingly pile on the pounds. So, if you’re going on plenty of dates (lucky you), make sure you’re avoiding these fattening mistakes:


Date movies are making you pile on the pounds

When picking a film to watch with a date, most of us play it safe and opt for a big Hollywood action movie. Although the kind of film we choose to watch seems like a pretty harmless decision, paying to watch a fast-paced thriller could actually be messing with your waistline.
According to research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association: Internal Medicine, we could find ourselves eating as much as 139 extra calories within 20 minutes when we watch something distracting like an intense action film, as opposed to when we watch something a little less gripping.

Solution: A study published in the journal Appetite found that people want to eat less the further away their food is from them. So, to avoid popcorn and nacho binging, try to place any food you and your date bought as far away as possible from you.

Late nights with your date are making you fat

Although staying up all night with your date sounds romantic, the reality is that you won’t be getting enough sleep. And a lack of sleep is bad news for your waistline. A study conducted in 2012 by a professor at the Mayo Clinic found that people who only got a third of the sleep they normally got ate an extra 549 calories.
If you end up eating an extra 549 calories every time you see your date, you’ll soon be watching more than just your love grow.

Solution: Limit the late nights and when you do end up having a late one, make sure you eat plenty of low GI foods the next day to help satiate your hunger, such as oats, chapati and a little lentil curry or wholewheat bread with a smear of fruit conserve.

No time for exercise

When you’ve found someone you really like you probably want to spend all of your time with them. Sadly, work and real life kind of scupper those plans, which means that you end up seeing your new guy or girl at those times when you used to exercise.

Solution: Exercise together, get up early and exercise in the morning or plan active dates, such as ice skating or going on a walk with a (healthy!) picnic.

Eating out is making you fill out

You know that eating out is probably more fattening than eating a home cooked meal, but did you know that experts have found that the average restaurant meal contains an incredible 59 grams of fat? That works out at around 89 per cent of your recommended daily intake. And don’t think that just because you order a salad you’re safe. Those salads included in the Canadian research were found to have a minimum of 657 calories, whilst some contained as much as 1,370 calories.

Solution: If you’ve been on a few dates already with this person, why not invite them over as part of an informal dinner party with your friends? Then serve up some delicious and nutritious low-calorie dishes. If you’re not quite at that stage with your date yet, pick a diet-friendly restaurant. You’ll often find that vegan restaurants offer some satisfying yet slimming options.MYNEWSHUB/Popsugar


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