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4 Signs You Need A Major Haircut

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Has your hair been looking a little off? Something just isn’t working, yet you can’t put your finger on it. Chances are you’re in need of a haircut. Many times we go to our stylist and request “just a trim,” which is fine and will serve as a great temporary fix. However, if you’re feeling like your hair is in need of a little extra love, it may be time for a bit of an overhaul. Not sure if this applies to you? Follow this guide below to find out if it’s time for your hair to get a makeover!

Your Hair Refuses to Be Styled

Have you found yourself increasingly opting for a top knot or ponytail lately? If styling your hair has become somewhat of a hassle, it’s probably been far too long since you’ve had a cut! Next time, you head to the salon, go for a look with sharp angles around your face.It will help your hair keep its shape longer and allow for longer stretches of time in-between snips.

Flat Strands

Are your blowouts not as voluminous as usual? Chances are that your hair is getting a little heavy and needs to be lightened up. Try going for a more layered look, it will help you maintain your volume and give you an added boost of texture!

Lack of Shine

Another way you can always tell it’s time for a major haircut is if you’re noticing your hair is lacking in shine and vibrancy. Over time, as your hair grows and is subject to styling tools and other everyday wear-and-tear elements, it will start to lose its shine and begin to look dull. It’s time to chop!

Tangled Tresses

Have you started to notice that your hair is getting tangled a lot easier and more often than usual ? This is probably because you need a little maintenance. Once the ends of your hair begin splitting, it can make it easier for your hair to get tangled. This is due to your cuticle losing the smoothness it had when it was healthy and freshly trimmed.-MYNEWSHUB.CC


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