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4 Common Beauty Disasters And How To Fix Them

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Beauty disasters seem to strike at the worse possible time. A pimple appears before a party or you notice your lipstick bleeding just before you step into a meeting. Avoid these common beauty problems.

1. Over-plucked Eyebrows


To fix a sparse-looking brow,use a brow shaper in a shade that is close to your natural colour. To apply, dip the angled brush into the product and starting at the arch of the brow draw short, feathery strokes angled in the same direction as the hairs natural growth. Always finish grooming the brows by brushing the brows upward and outward with a brow brush.


2. Too-Dark Foundation


If winter has left your skin looking too pale for your foundation, dust translucent powder over your whole face and use a sponge to dab moisturiser on top of it.The sponge will absorb some of the pigment, and the moisturiser will sheer it out.

3. Feathered Lipstick


Use a lip liner to help define lips and prevent colour from feathering. Choose a soft, creamy liner and use it to outline and fill within the natural lip line. Buffing the liner slightly with a fingertip and dabbing on a little translucent powder outside the lip line before applying lipstick will also further help to hold colour.

4. Breakouts


There’s no one solution that will instantly cure a breakout,however there are some tried and tested products that I would recommend using to help speed up the healing process, without irritating the skin. Apply a clarifying face pack to draw out the impurities, then put on some acne spot treatment on the pesky nodules. MYNEWSHUB/Text: SARA KHALID


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