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4 Beauty Uses Of Epsom Salts To Include In Your Pampering Routine

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Epsom salts aren’t just for athletes soaking their sore, tired muscles. They’re also an under-the-radar beauty treatment with a slew of benefits. Epsom salt is a pure mineral compound—magnesium sulfate—and people don’t realize that it can play a major role in their beauty routine. Here are our favourite home remedies that use the drugstore buy from head to toe.



To Moisturize: Epsom Salt + Coconut Oil

Along with an entire box of Epsom salts, add a cup of coconut oil. Just dip your hands in and scoop the coconut oil out of the jar. It melts in the bath, and then when you get out, it’s all over your body.

To Relax: Epsom Salt + Lavender Oil

For a more aromatherapeutic experience, add a couple of drops of lavender oil to her Epsom salt bath. Lavender not your thing? Sage is another good one. The combination detoxifies your body via Epsom salts and your mind with calming sleepy-time scents. It’s so relaxing and healthy…and cheap!

To Detox: Epsom Salt + Hydrogen Peroxide

Another favorite of artist Evie Falci and actress Liv Tyler is the combination of Epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide. Says Tyler: “I take a couple of baths a week where I use a whole box of Epsom salts and either a bottle of hydrogen peroxide or a packet of baking soda. Equal parts salt and hydrogen peroxide. It makes you sweat all of the toxins out and all of the bad stuff. I learned about it from a hippie-natural-amazing pediatrician, actually, for when kids get sick.”

Flawless Skin: Epsom Salt + Cleanser

Skip the pricey spa facial and get baby-smooth skin at home: Simply mix ½ to 1 teaspoon of Epsom salt with your favourite cleaning cream, and work the mixture it into your skin, using a circular motion, to remove dead skin cells, then rinse. “


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