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4 Beauty Rules To Follow If You Wear Contacts

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Cloudy lenses, itching, and redness are symptoms all too common for contact wearers who use eye makeup regularly. Certain beauty products, and even ingredients, can have harmful consequences for those who prefer lenses to glasses. Read on for expert-recommended beauty tips and healthy contact habits to keep your lenses clean and your eyes free of irritation.

Rule 1: Start with this surprising step.

Put lenses in before beginning your beauty routine and before applying your daily moisturizer. If you apply make-up before inserting your contacts, anything that’s left on your finger can transfer onto the lens. Meaning, any make-up residue, dirt, lotion, or germs that could be lingering on your fingers – gross!

Rule 2: Avoid clump-prone mascara and powder eye make-up.

Contact wearers should avoid mascaras formulated with fibre, as well as those that tend to clump on lashes. Extra clumps and particles can get into your eyes and become trapped underneath the lenses, causing irritations.

But mascara isn’t the only eye-irritating culprit. Micro-fine dust from powdered make-up can also be irritating. Instead, use cream eyeliners and eye shadows to reduce the risk of make-up particles getting into your eyes and sticking to your lenses.

Rule 3: Remove contacts before taking off make-up.

The order in which you remove your lenses is just as important as knowing when to put them in. Reverse your regimen before bed, removing contact lenses before thoroughly removing your make-up. Always be sure to wash and dry your hands thoroughly before taking out your lenses to prevent irritation or infection that could be caused by bacteria on your hands.

Rule 4: Take proper care of your lenses.

Beauty mavens should be particularly cautious about lens care, and  should even consider switching to a daily option to lower the risk of redness and irritation. If daily contacts are beyond your price point, clean your contacts with fresh solution daily. And, don’t forget about cleaning your contact case either. Dirty cases are the top cause of eye infections.MYNEWSHUB


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