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4 Beauty Oils To Add To Your Skin Care Regiment

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In case you missed it, oily skin is in. Every day, another celeb or makeup artist admits to being over-the-moon about oiling up, whether with a natural oil (like coconut) or essential oil (like lavender). Oils definitely have their perks.

Since many over-the-counter products contain toxic or allergenic compounds, they can be an especially good alternative for consumers with sensitive skin, allergies or who are synthetic chemical-wary. In addition to providing a moisture barrier to soften skin, essential oils, in particular, have effects beyond moisturizing. Essential oils have an unusual chemistry– the small molecular size lets them penetrate the skin’s top layers.

Before you play with oil at home, dermatologists say it’s important to always test first to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction.

Thyme, oregano, cinnamon and clove are particularly irritant,including citrus oils like bergamot and lemon— can also make you more prone to sun damage.

Here’s a guide for you to find out which oils work best.

For Acne: Tea Tree Oil

Even the most skeptical derms agreed that tea tree oil works. It does have microbial properties. It can help to clear up pimple-causing bacteria. As with any essential oil, never apply tea tree oil directly; instead, either buy it diluted or use between 5 and 15 drops of an undiluted essential oil per ounce of base oil, like argan, rosehip or jojoba.

For Rosacea: Lavender Oil

Lavender oil does have antibacterial and antifungal properties. It’s thought to also have some antioxidant activity. That makes it ideal for someone with rosacea. It does make your skin extra-sensitive to the sun, though, so slather on the SPF.

For Dry Skin on the Body: Coconut Oil

Dermatologists agree that coconut oil can to clog their patient’s pores so it’s best to avoid using it as a moisturizer for your face, but on chapped lips or dry legs, it’s ideal.

For Dry Skin on the Face: Argan Oil

From the neck up, use argan oil to moisturize your skin. it’s a thin oil and it hasn’t been shown anecdotally to clog pores. Bonus: It smells great.-MYNEWSHUB.CC


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