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4 Annoying Gym Habits You’re Probably Guilty Of

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So you’ve made it to the gym. Good for you! You may have managed to get your sneakers on but are you committing a major beauty faux pas every time you’re there?

1. Forgetting to refresh

The gym is sweaty and smelly enough as it is, so it definitely doesn’t need you to contribute to the odour. Forgetting to refresh your deodorant before a workout is not only unpleasant for those around you, but it will also leave you feeling sweaty and sticky under the arms, which is hardly comfortable. Before you get to the gym give yourself a quick top-up spritz with a good anti-perspirant deodorant to keep smells and sweat at bay; if you’re really adamant on only applying once a day, invest in a clinical deodorant that’s specifically formulated to last 24 to 48 hours.

2. Hair everywhere

You might be perfectly happy with a bathroom drain that’s clogged full of your hair, but if you’re washing your hair in a communal shower at the gym it’s extremely bad etiquette to leave your hair everywhere. If your hair is prone to falling out when you wash it, either ensure it disappears down the drain, or throw it in the bin on your way out. The same goes for hair removal, too – if you’re shaving at the gym be sure to rinse away your hairs afterwards!

3. Skipping a cleanse

face washing
A post-workout skin cleanse is essential – even if you haven’t been sweating a lot – as it helps to rid your face of any impurities you may have picked up during your workout.Bets are you don’t even notice how often you touch the equipment then touch your face, and it also helps to close your pores and prevent breakouts.

4. Not dry shampooing properly

If you don’t have time to wash your hair post-workout it’s not a problem; it’s why dry shampoo was invented after all! But if you are going to apply a dry shampoo you need to make sure you do it properly – and by that means brushing it through your hair thoroughly after application. This will not only ensure that the powder absorbs all excess oil (so your hair will look clean and refreshed), but that you don’t have those tell-tale ‘grey’ streaks through your hair from where the powder hasn’t been brushed through well enough.

5. Make-up overload

Working out with a face full of makeup is a definite fitness faux pas. When you’re hot and sweaty your pores naturally open, so any makeup on your face will only sink into your pores, causing them to clog. And if you’re not working up a sweat because you’re too concerned that your makeup will run, then clearly you’re not committed to your workout! If you happen to be going straight from work to the gym, keep a pack of face wipes handy so that you can quickly and easily remove any make-up before you start your workout.MYNEWSHUB


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