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5 Weird But Effective Beauty Hacks

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Ever since Pinterest came along, the amount of beauty tricks out there in the world has tripled. Every time you go online, you’re bombarded by a list of makeup hacks, hair hacks, and/or skincare hacks that all promise to do the same thing: hacks give you an unexpected way to handle a “problem” in a shorter amount of time while also saving you some money.

Put Orange Lipstick Under Eyes To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

The latest beauty trick that has been making the rounds on the Internet is using orange or coral lipstick to get rid of dark circles under the eyes. It sounds crazy, and it looks a little crazy, but people swear that it works. According to Birchbox, it neutralizes dark circles, minimizing the appearance of circles. Try it out with a cheap red-orange lipstick!

Put Vaseline On Pulse Points Before Applying Perfume

Want your perfume scent to last all day long? Try putting a dab of Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying them with your scent of choice. Vaseline is occlusive and will hold the fragrance for much longer than just your bare skin would.

Use Eyeshadow To Disguise Roots


If your roots are looking a little out of shape and in need of a little boost but you have to wait for an appointment to get them done, or you simply don’t have the money for the touch-up, fix ’em yourself with supplies you probably already have. Load up a q-tip or small brush with some eyeshadow that matches the colour of your hair, and dab it onto your roots carefully. It won’t last forever, but it will help on a daily basis.

Use Preparation H To Get Rid Of Puffiness Around Your Eyes

Puffy eyes can be really annoying to deal with. Instead of sitting there with a cold spoon or a warm tea bag for 20 minutes, try applying some Preparation H (an ointment used to treat haemorrhoids) to the area. It will instantly reduce redness and puffiness. Just be careful not to get it in your eyes!

Use Baby Powder For Fuller Lashes


If you want long, full lashes, it may be as easy as adding a little baby powder into the mix rather than buying an expensive new mascara. Here’s what you do: apply one or two coats of your favorite mascara to lashes. Tap a Q-tip into some baby powder, then coat your entire lashes with it until everything is white and looks incredibly strange. Once your lashes are totally coated in baby powder, apply another one or two coats of mascara. Voila! Full, beautiful lashes.

Heat Up Or Freeze Your Eyeliner For Easier Use

Having a hard time with your pencil eyeliner? Try heating it up or freezing it. Heating up your liner will make it go on smoothly and easily, almost like a liquid liner. Freezing it will also let it go on smoother.






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