3 Next-Of-Kins Of Mountain Guides Receive Socso Benefits

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KUNDASANG – The next-of-kins of three mountain guides who were killed in the earthquake in Sabah on June 5 received benefits from the Social Security Organisation (Socso) under the Work Disaster Scheme.

The next-of-kins of the late Valerian Joannes, Ricky Masirin and Joseph Selungin each received RM1,500 in funeral benefits.

In addition, the next-of-kin of Valerian also received a pension of RM1,830 a month, Ricky (RM1,215 a month) and Joseph (RM1,213 a month).

However, the next-of-kin of another mountain guide who was killed, Robbi Sappinggi, who also qualified for funeral benefit of RM1,500 and a pension of RM750, could not attend.

The benefits were handed over personally by Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Richard Riot Jaem here, today. Valerian was represented by his mother Soutim Sumbin, Ricky, by his mother, Sohiah Boliking and Joseph by his widow Rozita Daimim.

“I am very sad at their demise. As a minister, I wish to convey my condolences to the next-of-kins and families of the victims who were killed in the earthquake,” Riot told reporters after handing over the benefits to the family of the late Ricky and Joseph in a ceremony at Kundasang town.

Earlier, he handed over the Socso benefit to Valerian’s next-of-kin in Bundu Tuhan.

According to Riot, the pensions would be received by the next-of-kins of the mountain guides until they passed away.

Meanwhile, he urged all employers to register with Socso to enable their workers to benefit if anything untoward happened to them while at work including deaths.

Also present were Socso Chief Executive Officer Datuk Dr Mohd Azman Aziz Mohammed. – BERNAMA