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Kentucky Fried Rodent? Customer Finds Dead Mouse In KFC Meal

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One of the most common animals found in food are mice. They get everywhere, from tubs of margarine to curry sauce bottles. But one place they seem to not always make a special appearance is in the deep-fried form.

This perfectly formed rodent was discovered crispy and tasty-looking by one Devorise Dixon. On 12 June, the Californian went to a local KFC and was outraged when he found out that one of the “fried chickens” was in fact a fully-battered rodent!


Dixon then went back to the store and complained to the manager, who admitted that it was indeed a rat and she apologized for the grave mistake. However, that wasn’t enough to satisfy Dixon.

Taking his anger to Facebook, Dixon posted a picture of the deep-fried mouse and shared his remorse over the incident. The post have been shared 54,020 times to date.

But the saga doesn’t end here: Dixon is contemplating to ring his lawyers and sue the fast food chain for their snafu.

The story is still developing.



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