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Man Caught Masturbating In Busy Cheras Street

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There are some things that you don’t need to share with the public, and one of them is masturbating.

According to, Yee Von Toi and her female companion was walking towards their car at the parking area in Jalan Cerdik,Cheras, when she saw a man approaching them.

Thinking that he was a salesman as he was dressed in a decent outfit with a file on hand, Von Toi then realized that the man was actually using the case to cover up his junk.

Von Toi paid no mind to what she just saw, and became engrossed in discussing where to go next with her friend while still in their parked car. That’s when things got more freaky.

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The same man has been standing beside their car the whole time–grinning from ear to ear– causing her frightened friend to ask her to lock the doors.

Devious Von Toi then whipped out the most dangerous tool of the 21st century– the camera phone– and started snapping away pictures of the pervert. He did ran away, while still relieving himself! Talk about a multi-tasker.

According to Von Toi, the street wasn’t very quiet to begin with there’s a few roadside stalls around, bright and sunny with cars constantly passing by.

The incident affected her so much that Von Toi has reported the matter to the nearby police station.

Evidently disgusted by the pervert’s lecherous behaviour, Von Toi seeks for the public to help her to make the identity of the man and his whereabouts known.

Von Toi also urges girls to be concious of what’s going on around them and to always keep safe outdoors.-MYNEWSHUB.CC



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