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2016 Suzuki AFF Cup Snippets

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YANGON – The following are snippets at the 2016 Suzuki AFF Cup taking place here:

Part-time traders selling numerous products such as sireh, food and drink freely conducted their business on the road in Yangon and several other cities in Myanmar.

This phenomenon is normal and could be seen by foreign tourists almost daily during the day or at night as no specific rule was provided by the authorities.

Some even took along their toddlers which posed a risk as the traffic was always busy in Yangon everyday.

Yangon did not have a traffic system compared to Malaysia as traffic lights were only installed at certain locations especially major roads.

The traffic condition in Yangon was similar to Jakarta, Indonesia especially at peak periods in the morning, namely, around 6 am-9 am and late evening, at 6 pm-9 pm.

The lack of traffic policemen controlling the traffic during the peak periods also worsened the situation making it difficult for road users to arrive at their destinations on time.

Foreign tourists visiting Yangon or cities in Myanmar for the first time were encouraged to use the services of tourist guides to facilitate visits to interesting places in the country as only limited areas used the English Language while the rest used the Burmese language.

The fees imposed by the tourist guide companies to foreign tourists differed depending on the distances of the destinations and numerous other factors, including the popularity of the place in question and the tourism product package being offered.
United States dollars were widely used in numerous transactions in Myanmar although it has its own official currency, namely, Kyat.

Changing the dollar to Kyat or other foreign currencies could only be done at the bank as Myanmar did not allow money changers.

Myanmar men and women wore a special sarong called ‘longyi’ which could be regarded as the official attire in the country when carrying out numerous activities daily whether at the bank, home or commercial centres.

‘Longyi’ worn by men are known as Paso while those worn by women are known as htamain. – BERNAMA

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