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15 Boys Gang-Raped A Donkey, Suffer From Rabies

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THE act of bestiality of 15 boys gang-raping a donkey could cost them their lives – as they are now diagnosed with the deadly disease, rabies.

The young boys aged seven to 15 from Gharb-Chrarda-Beni Hssen, Morocco, were taken to the Mechraa Belksiri Hospital in the rural town of Sidi Al Kamel – where they are receiving treatment and a rabies vaccination after contracting the disease from the animal.

Their families were left with embarrassment after being told by the villagers of their son’s lewd acts, and are reported by Morocco World News to be in “distress and horror”.

The news site also reports because they were mocked following the incident, some of the families have sought outside help to avoid the same humiliation.

While other parents in the village, are now also taking precautionary measures and vaccinating their children to avoid the same fate.

Police have warned against anyone who “approached” or “admired” donkeys to stop to curb the spread of the disease, while looking for those who have possibly had contact with the animal.

While the minors are currently under cure, the donkey had to be slaughtered immediately by its owner.

According to Health24, humans having sex with animals is not nearly as rare as we might think it is.

“Writing in the 1940’s, famed sexual researcher Alfred Kinsey estimated that 8% of men and 3.6% of women had engaged in some sort of sexual act with an animal.

“Also, a later study in 1974 by Morton M Hunt put the prevalence of men and women having intimate relations with animals at 4.9% and 1.9% respectively.

“One recent study, which took place in Brazil and was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, found a 34% prevalence of bestiality amongst men, most of whom were from rural backgrounds, as well as determining that it was a risk factor for penile cancer.”

While bestiality is harmful to human beings as it likely transmits infections like rabies and risk penile cancer, it is equally harmful to the animals as well.

Aside rabies, the site also noted, other life-threatening diseases humans can catch through sexual intercourse with animals are leptospirosis (a bacterial infection that can cause Meningitis) and echinococcosis (parasitic worms that create cysts and can even cause death).

Rabies is most common and almost always fatal when the symptoms emerge and not cured swiftly, as with the recent outbreak in Malaysia that caused five deaths, and even worrying with 111 dog bites reported in Sarawak.

Let this be a reminder to stay away from such acts and avoid any contact with animals that are not vaccinated. The public should definitely take precautionary measures and sought treatment immediately if they find themselves in such a predicament – as you will never know if you are at risk of infection. -mD

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