14 People Detained One Ton Of Cocaine Seized In South Mexico

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MEXICO CITY – Mexican authorities arrested 14 people, including six Ecuadoreans and one Colombian, in an operation involving two boats off the coast of Acapulco, from which they seized almost a ton of suspected cocaine, the Navy Secretariat (Semar) reported on Saturday.

“The detention of 14 suspected criminals was carried out and almost a ton of white powder with characteristics similar to cocaine was seized along with 1,750 litres (385 gallons) of fuel off the coast of Acapulco,” Semar said in a bulletin.

The confiscation was carried out last Wednesday in Acapulco’s naval zone in the southern state of Guerrero during a surveillance operation targeting criminal maritime activities.

During the operation, the crew of a Mexican navy aircraft sighted two suspicious boats and advised a naval patrol to intercept them.

“In the first boat, eight suspected lawbreakers were detained, four of whom said they were of Mexican nationality and four of Ecuadorean nationality. Naval personnel also found a lifeless human body aboard, presumably of Mexican nationality,” Semar said.

In the second boat, six suspected criminals were taken into custody, three saying they were of Mexican nationality, two of Ecuadorean nationality and one of Colombian nationality.

The detainees had in their possession 30 parcels containing white powder with characteristics similar to cocaine and weighing approximately 900 kilos (1,982 lbs.), along with 35 drums holding about 1,750 litres of fuel, the text said.

The 14 detainees along with the drug and fuel were handed over to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the city of Acapulco, Semar said. The dead body was delivered to the Forensic Medical Service of that port.

In another bulletin, Semar announced Saturday that in the eastern Mexican port of Veracruz, a ship’s container was found with six suitcases inside containing 387 packages of white powder with characteristics similar to cocaine and weighing approximately 420 kilos.–BERNAMA-NNN-EFE