14 Overseas Umno Club Indonesia Support Najib’s Leadership

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MEDAN – Describing Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak as the most appropriate leader to helm Malaysia, 14 Overseas UMNO Club branches have expressed their full support for the Prime Minister through the #supportMyPM declaration.

All the 14 chairmen of the Overseas UMNO Club Indonesia branches under the National Liaison Body (BPN) Indonesia signed the declaration of support, representing about 2,500 of its members.

The ceremony to sign the #supportMyPM declaration was witnessed by the Prime Minister’s Political Secretary, Datuk Muhammad Khairun Aseh at the BPN gala night, here last night.

BPN Indonesia chairman Muhammad Aiman Dzulkifli, 22, said the declaration contained eight factors that induced them to declare their support including the fact that the prime minister was efficient in discharging his responsibilities, patient and had integrity in leading the nation.

“The Prime Minister is also an idealist and patriotic besides being smart in administering and managing the national economy although the world economy is undergoing a challenging period,” said the third-year student of Universitas Islam Negeri Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau.

In addition, Muhammad Aiman, who is also chairman of the Pekanbaru Overseas UMNO Club said Najib was prudent in making his decisions including at a time when the country and party were being threatened by various tragedies.

He said Najib was also concerned about the welfare of students within and outside the country by giving various aid and incentives.

Sharing the same opinion, Muhammad Nazim Abd Malek, 27, said the government under the prime minister’s leadership had provided considerable assistance to BPN Indonesia in terms of the students’ welfare besides giving allocations in organising social and sports programmes.

“If a disaster occurs such as the earthquake in Indonesia, the government would act quickly in ensuring the safety and welfare of the students regardless of their background,” he said.

The final year dentistry student of Universitas Sumatera Utara said the undergraduates must evaluate the efforts made by the government for them and should not be easily influenced by slanders hurled by certain parties especially in the social media.

For Abdul Mun-im Alias, 29, (rep: Mun-im) the latest development especially involving the Report of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on the governance of 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) had confirmed that all the allegations against the prime minister all this while were unfounded.

“We stand firmly behind the prime minister not because we want to flatter him but the facts show that he is on the right track,” said the final year Syariah Law student, Universitas Islam Negeri Syariff Hidayatullah, Jakarta.

PAC, which is represented by Members of Parliament from the Barisan Nasional (BN) and opposition, had released the 106-page Report on the 1MDB Governance Management Control on Thursday.

The PAC, among other things, recommended that the authorities investigate former 1MDB chief executive officer Datuk Shahrol Azral Ibrahim Halmi and the parties linked to the management of the government-owned strategic investment company.