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13 Bills Approved, Well Done MPs For Listening To People’s Pulse, Needs

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KUALA LUMPUR – Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak yesterday congratulated the Members of Parliament for their commitment in sitting for 20 days in the Dewan Rakyat, which saw 13 Bills tabled and approved recently.

The Prime Minister said the Parliamentary session was very productive and meaningful because the Barisan Nasional Members of Parliament listened to the pulse and needs of the people.

“In that 20 days, many matters were debated and a total of 13 Bills were tabled and received approval from the Yang Berhormat (elected representatives).

“Among them, three were very important Bills and close to my heart, what I described as the “People First,” he said in an entry in his blog today.

Three of the Bills were Child Sexual Offence Bill 2017, Penal Code (Amendment) Bill 2017 and Bankruptcy (Amendment) Bill 2016.

Elaborating on Sexual Offences Against Children Bill 2017, Najib said it would be enforced to combat sexual abuse of children in Malaysia.

“I feel sad mingled with anger when I read that there were more than 12,000 children sexual abuse cases reported.

“Now, the offenders will be brought to justice and would face heavy punishment based on the crimes involved. Some could be jailed for up to 30 years,” Najib said.

He said apart from the punishment, the people should be educated especially their children on the preventive techniques to look after their own safety, their legal rights, protection and assistance and so on.

He added the initiatives would be led by the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry.

On the Penal Code (Amendment) Bill 2017, the Prime Minister said the government would make imprisonment and whipping as mandatory punishment for offences which caused hurt and in sexual offences such as rape, incest, child stimulating and so on.

Najib said the amendment would be widened to encompass sexual offences against the people in general and not only children as there would be no compromise or sympathy for offenders.

“We will protect victims of domestic violence, children as well as the family members from the aggressor,” he said.

On the Bankruptcy (Amendment) Bill 2016, Najib said it would give individuals declared bankrupt a second chance.

“The government will champion whatever the fate and welfare of individuals who had been made bankrupt in the past as if they were given a life imprisonment from the financial and economic aspect, in fact the same predicament also befell guarantors who were victimised to undertake the debts of others,” he said.

“I take the opportunity to congratulate all Barisan Nasional Members of Parliament for feeling the pulse and needs of the people. Go on!,” he said.

Dewan Rakyat’s fifth term first meeting sat from March 6 to April 6.

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