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Spooky Video Shows Bloodied Ghost Attending Private Party In Thailand

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We’re all too familiar with party crashers slipping their way along with the other patrons, but what if the unwanted guest is one from another dimension?

That was what allegedly happened to a group of friends were just having fun at a house get-together — when an unexpected partygoer showed up.

According to this video uploaded on Facebook, the group had a low-key karaoke session and was happily grooving to the music.

However, what suddenly appeared a few seconds into the video will make your hairs stand on end — a man with a bloodied head. The spooky guest appears right behind one of the men seated on the floor.

See if you can spot him in the video below.

A few moments before the bloodied ghost makes its appearance….
….there it is!
Didn’t see it? There it is again!
Okay, one last time before it makes it to the viral pages.

The authenticity of the video was never proven, but the apparition was so obvious that it’s hard to debunk.

It was said that the bloodied presumably male figure was a friend of the group who was murdered tragically shortly before the video was shot.

According to supernatural vigilante group Pencari Entiti Crew (Entity Seekers Crew) or P.E.C.’s Facebook post, the video sparked a controversy in its origins of Thailand a few years back and its genuineness is still disputed to this day. MYNEWSHUB>


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