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12 Items In Your Beauty Arsenal That Have Probably Expired

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Expired makeup and products do more harm than good, so saying goodbye might mean saying hello to clearer skin and healthier habits.

A reminder: This isn’t some phony attempt to get you to buy more makeup or products, but rather a callout to use what you buy. Without further ado, here are the 14 products you will most likely need to throw out right now:

1. Mascara
Expires after: Six to eight weeks; most say 3 months
Throw out because: When it starts to dry out. It’s also because you could easily get pink eye from old mascara, or contract a serious infection. If it is flaking onto your face or your eyes itch, throw it out.

2. Nail polish
Expires after: One to two years
Throw out because: Once nail polish is opened, “some ingredients will evaporate, causing the nail polish to thicken and separate. Once it separates and starts to clump, throw it out.

3. Face masks
Expires after: One to two years, or if the consistency, dryness or color has changed.
Throw out because: Over time, the masks can become irritating to your face as the chemicals and ingredients within them begin to break down.

4. Perfume, cologne
Expires after: Your nose says it’s gone bad
Throw out because: There really isn’t any danger in using a perfume that may have changed character, but it’s best to just let your nose be the judge of when it’s time to throw it out.


5. Concealer
Expires after: One year
Throw out because: While concealer generally expires within the year, it could get dry before that, too..

6. Facial wipes or medicated pads
Expires after: The expiration date, typically two months
Throw out because: They’ve probably dried out anyway.

7. Blush
Expires after: Two to maybe three years, though cream blush is more like emollient and you should toss it after about a year.
Throw out because: It just stops working after a while, which is what you’ll find with powder products in time. They get drier, they get flatter. It if starts to get a film over it, toss it, because that film is mold.

8. Eyeliner
Expires after: Six months for liquid eyeliner, two years for pencil eyeliner
Throw out because: Liquid eyeliner starts to gather bacteria over time, but pencils keep longer because you constantly sharpen it. A white or grey tip is a sign of mold.


9. Sunscreen
Expires after: Three years
Throw out because: According to the Mayo Clinic, sunscreen over three years old or past its expiration date is “no longer effective.” They also recommend throwing out sunscreen that “has been exposed to high temperatures or has obvious changes in colour or consistency.”

10. Lipstick, lip gloss
Expires after: One to two years for lipstick, 18 months for lip gloss
Throw out because: Change in colour, texture or smell are all big warning signs that your lipstick has expired.

11. Powder shadows
Expires after: Two to three years
Throw out because: If you notice a film or if the colour stops working very well, then it’s aged out. If the colour doesn’t blend on in the way that it once did, don’t try harder, that it means that it has expired.

12. Cream or powder foundation
Expires after: 12 to 18 months if cream, two years if powder
Throw out because: Like other emollient products, toss cream foundation after a year or if it starts to change colour before that. Powder foundation is similar to powder blush, as mentioned above, in that if you see a film or if the colour stops working, it’s expired.


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