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11MP: Public Sector Rationalisation For Greater Performance On The Cards

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KUALA LUMPUR – Public sector institutions will be rationalised under the 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP) for greater productivity and performance in line with changes in the structure of the economy and national demographics.

The plan eyes streamlining resources including manpower and funding along these priorities.

“Overlapping roles and responsibilities among ministries, agencies and commissions will also be rationalised to improve efficiency and productivity of the public sector,” according to the 11MP unveiled by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak Thursday.

It states that a special task force led by the chief secretary to the government will be set up to conduct a comprehensive audit and review across public sector institutions and agencies.

One of the measures that will be undertaken is a review of the role of attaches, diplomats and delegations that represent different ministries at Malaysian embassies and high commissions.

With the objective of achieving a high-performing and dynamic public sector that will support the national agenda in mind, the 11MP covering the period 2016-2020 proposes an exit policy for under-performing public servants.

It is proposed that public servants who do not meet stipulated performance criteria will undergo improvement programmes within a specific time to improve their performance, failing which their service will be terminated.

In rightsizing the public service for better productivity and capabilities, measures will be taken to restructure the public service and implement multi-skilling of the support group which will enhance their career development opportunities.

Under the Eleventh Plan, the government will progressively move towards self-regulation or co-regulation where it is suitable, such as in telecommunications, education and consumer-related areas.

This will result in increased productivity, better outcomes for the people and a reduction in the cost of administration.

The focus, according to the plan, will shift towards more participatory governance by citizens, including better understanding citizen preferences and engaging them as partners in service design and delivery.

“Bureaucratic procedures hampering the facilitation of service delivery will be simplified, data fully leveraged, redundancies reduced and accountability increased,” it says. – BERNAMA


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