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10,000 Pets With Passports Since 2010

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KUALA LUMPUR – Ten thousand pets in the country have been registered with the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) since 2010, said DVS Disease Control and Eradication Section veterinary officer Dr Zawida Zahari.

She said pet owners could obtain the Malaysian Animal Identification Cards or pet passports by registering their pets with the DVS and have microchips placed under their skin to make it easier for owners to trace them if they were lost or stolen.

Since the system was introduced in 2010, she said, the number of pets registered had doubled to 2,000 in 2014, compared to 1,000 registrations in previous years.

“People’s awareness towards owning a pet passport has increased as they are more responsible in protecting their pets and locatin them if they go missing,” she told Bernama.

Dr Zawida said a pet passport was an official government document that was issued after the pet was registered with the department or veterinarians appointed by the department.

She said the registration of pets like dogs, cats, rabbits, horses or even snakes and apes would cost RM37.

“Owners will get a pet passport with a photograph that contains the microchip number and information about them and their pet,” she said.

The passport is important because it contains all the pets’ vital information in one document which will facilitate disease control, she said.

“Some countries in Europe and the United States require tourists to present pet passports when taking pets into those countries.

“It makes it easier for officers at the border or at the entry points of the country to verify the health and immunisation records of your pet,” she said. – BERNAMA


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