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“Half-Tonned Killer” Loses More Than 80% Of Her Weight,

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At 1,038 pounds (about 466kg), Mayra Rosales is not your average woman.

According to allviralposts, her weight meant she could not walk a few steps or  could hardly even lift herself without help. She was unable to bathe, or take care of herself and had to have family help her with the essentials of living.

When she’s finally had enough, she had to have surgery to take away a large bulk of her weight so that she was able to move enough to actually start a weight loss regimen.

The next part of her journey was hard work and a-lot of determination, but she also had multiple surgical procedures to help with cutting down her weight because her body had gotten so bad.





Since then she has lost more than 80% of her body weight, which means she weighs around 90kg now.

Mayra’s awe-inspiring weightloss shocked her family and friends and has even appeared on television to share her incredible story.

Now slender and more confident than ever, Mayra is determined to turn her life around and live happily and healthy.

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