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100 Recipients In Sultan Johor’s Honours List

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JOHOR BAHRU – A total of 100 individuals will be receiving state awards and medals in conjunction with the birthday of the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar, here on Thursday.

Johor Council of the Royal Court president Datuk Abdul Rahim Ramli said during the investiture, Sultan Ibrahim would confer two awards, each carrying the ‘Datuk” title, to three recipients.

One of them will be awarded The Most Exalted Order of Sultan Ibrahim Johor First Class Dato Sri Mulia Sultan Ibrahim Johor (SMIJ) while the two others the Most Exalted Order of Sultan Ibrahim Johor Second Class Dato Mulia Sultan Ibrahim Johor (DMIJ) award .

Abdul Rahim announced this at a press conference here today.

In addition, he said Sultan Ibrahim would confer 31 people The Most Exalted Order of Sultan Ibrahim Johor Third Class (Companion) Setia Mulia Sultan Ibrahim Johor (SIJ) award.

He said seven individuals would be awarded the Sultan Ibrahim Medal First Class (PSI I); 50 people the Sultan Ibrahim Medal Second Class (PSI II) award; and eight the Sultan Ibrahim Medal Third Class) (PSI II) award.

The names of recipients will be released to the media soon.

According to Abdul Rahim, the investiture is in accordance to Article 7(2)(e) Constitution of Johor 1985 without any specific individuals making recommendations to the Sultan.

“The awards are conferred to those who are loyal, dedicated and honest and have contributed much towards the development of Johor and welfare of the people.

“However before making the final decision, the Sultan had referred to various parties, including the police and judiciary to ensure that the recipients are deserving of the awards,” said Abdul Rahim. – BERNAMA


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