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10 Things To Expect After A Breast Reduction Surgery

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Choosing to have breast reduction and lift surgery is not a simple decision. There is the cost associated with the surgery, recovery time, and potential risks that come with any surgical procedure. Here are 10 things that other women think you should know about getting a breast reduction and lift. Keep these in mind when meeting with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options.

1. The scars can be traumatic. If you have very large breast you will be amazed at how much better you will feel after the scars heal. Most women say that they wish the would have had a breast reduction and lift years earlier. Many report that their back, neck and shoulder pain is gone and their posture has improved. Some women report that they are less self conscious now and their confidence improves.

2. Post-surgery could be incredibly painful.Your drains will most likely be removed within a day or two after your breast reduction and lift surgery. While not painful, it does produce some discomfort. About two weeks following surgery your stitches will be removed. This can be painful as the breast area will be very sensitive. Some women report that it feels like the nipples are being pinched very hard. Make sure you have taken pain medicine before the appointment to help reduce the discomfort.

3. Dryness and constant itch. The scabs around your nipples will itch but you must resist the urge to scratch. Some women have reported scratching in their sleep so consider sleeping with socks or thin cotton gloves on your hands until the stitches are removed or the itching stops.

4. Get the Vitamin E ready. After your stitches are removed you should some type of heavy moisturizer or oil that contains vitamin E. You can also use scar reducing creams to reduce scarring. Post surgery your breast skin will probably become dry and flaky so add moisture in the form of creams and oil frequently.

5. Emotional support is crucial. Have someone assigned to pick you up at the hospital when you are released. Preferably someone with a large comfortable vehicle. Make sure they bring a pillow to place under the chest part of the seat belt and ask them to avoid sudden turns and bumps. Remember you will have fresh incisions and the breast tissue will shake with each move.

6. Allow substantial waiting period. Do not purchase new bras until the healing and swelling goes down. There is no way to accurately predict the size and fit for several weeks following your breast reduction and lift procedure. And you will not be able to wear under-wire bras for at least four months. For the best results you should wear a bra around the clock for the first six months. The surgical bra they put on you post surgery is very comfortable and can be slept in. Go ahead and buy extras so you can have one clean to wear when you are washing the others.

7. Constant reminder. Prepare your spouse, partner or caregiver for what your breast will look like immediately following the breast reduction and lift surgery. Most people do not realize the amount of bruising, stitches, swelling and dried blood and it takes a few weeks to go away. It’s probably a good idea for both of you to look at post-operative pictures to help reduce the shock factor.

8. Time heals. The final shape of your new breast may not be visible for several months up to a year. Some women report that they look boxy or a little unnatural. Your new breasts will take time to settle and drop into a more natural state.

9. Avoid physical workout. Following surgery do not attempt to exercise for at least four weeks. While many women want to tome up the rest of their body to match their firmer breast, going back to the gym to early with cause pain and discomfort and could cause damage.

10. Changing sleep position. You will not be able to sleep on your stomach for at least one month following your breast reduction and lift surgery. At first you may want to sleep on an incline pillow or in a recliner. When you return to sleeping flat on your bed have lots of pillows around to prop up areas that will be sore, like under your arms and upper back.MYNEWSHUB/


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