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10 Senior Police Officers Transfer Effective Nov 1

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KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 30 (Bernama) — The Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), today,
announced the transfer and coordination of its senior officers, effective on Nov

Its corporate communication head ACP Datin Asmawati Ahmad said in a
statement today, Bukit Aman Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID)
deputy director, Datuk A Thaiveegan, will be promoted as acting Police
Commissioner, but will retain his post.

She said, the D5 Bukit Aman Prosecution and Legal Department’s Assistant
Director of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Datuk Azham Othman, was
transferred as Deputy Director (Investigation and Legal), with the rank of
acting Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP).

In the statement, it also notified that the Bukit Aman Narcotics Crime
Investigation Department principal assistant director SAC Kang Chez Chiang
(Intelligence and Operation), had been appointed as its Deputy Director, with
the rank as acting DCP.

Meanwhile, the chief of the Johor CCID Police Contingent Headquarters (IPK),
ACP Zulkily Ali was transferred to Bukit Aman, with the post as principal
assistant director (Intelligence and Operation), with the rank of acting Senior
Assistant Commissioner (SAC).

Also being transferred is Kuala Lumpur CCID Headquarters IPK chief, ACP
Izany Abdul Ghany, as its D5 Presecution and Legal principal assistant director
for Bukit Aman CID, with the rank of acting SAC.

Asmawati said Staff Officer E6B, Bukit Aman Special Branch, ACP Ahmad
Fawzan Mohamed was transferred as Assistant Director of Intelligence and
Analysis/Legal Procedure (E6) of the Special Branch, with the rank of acting
Meanwhile, Ahmad Fawzan’s post was taken over by Supt E6E1, of the Bukit
Aman Special Branch, Supt Mohd Zahari Sidik, who was made acting ACP.

Deputy Head of CCID (Corporate and Financial Crime) of Selangor IPK, Supt
Mohd Luthfi Ismail Abdullah goes over to Kuala Lumpur assuming the post of CCID
Head, and promoted as acting ACP, said Asmawati.

E4 Staff Officer of Kuala Lumpur Special Branch, Supt Izan Bakri was
appointed as Deputy Head 1 of Special Branch, Kuala Lumpur IPK, with the rank of
acting ACP.

Sarawak IPK Head of Narcotics CID, Supt Lukas Anak Aket goes over to Johor
IPK as its Narcotics CID Chief with the rank of acting ACP, said Asmawati.


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