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10 Make-up Hacks That Will Make You Feel Like A Genius

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Ask not what your beauty products can do for you, but what you can do with your beauty products.There are tons of great ways to max out your products’ value and versatility. Here are some of my favourite sneaky little beauty “hacks.”

1. Spike your concealer
Mix liquid highlighter with your under eye concealer to create your own brightening concealer. Two parts concealer to 1 part highlight. Adjust as preferred.

2. Re purpose your mascara brush
Save the mascara wand from your pricier mascaras to maximize your cheaper formulas — i.e., a Benefit They’re Real brush is plastic and easy to clean and reuse in your drugstore faves. It will really maximize that formula.

3. Make liquid eye liner
Mix eye drops with shadow to create a custom liquid liner. Dip a brush into some eye drops or mix together on your hand.

Mix liquid foundation and a bit of primer for a custom-made highlighter.

4. Revive old eye liner
Use eye drops to revive gel liners. Eye drops are sterile and safe for the eye area obviously so you’re in the clear.

5. Use bronzer as eye shadow
Use a bronzer as a transition color in your crease. I do it all the time and it’s an awesome way to multitask and get your money’s worth.

6. Prevent smudged eye liner
Draw eyeliner directly onto your brush to apply a soft, smudged line. This is quicker, softer and easier than lining and then smudging.

Repurpose high-end mascara wands by using them with cheaper drugstore brands.

7. Use face oil to revive make-up at the end of the day
Dip your wet beauty blender into moisturizer or facial oil to revive makeup and add glow. Concentrate on the highest points of your face, mainly cheekbones. You’ll be highlighted sans the sparkle.

8. Use concealer as eye primer instead of buying it
Use concealer on lids as an eye primer. Until eye primer really became a thing, I always did this. It cancels out any veins and discoloration and gives your shadow something to adhere to.

Make your own unique liquid eye liner with a blend of eye drops and eye shadow.

9. Create the straightest eye liner lines
Use a business card to create perfectly-angled winged liner. Angle a business card from the outer corner of your eye upwards and draw along it with your liner. Bam! Perfect line, every time.

10. Make a lip scrub with what you already own
No need to spend $10 on a lip scrub when you can duplicate the effect by dipping your finger in olive oil, followed by white or brown sugar and scrubbing across lips. Follow with lip balm and your pout is perfected.MYNEWSHUB/Text: SARA KHALID


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