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1 Product, 6 Uses: Introducing The Beauty Blender

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If you’re not familiar with it, here’s the deal: The sponge has become a cult favourite among makeup artists and skin-care gurus for its major versatility. While it’s generally marketed as a foundation applicator, it has a whole host of other uses. And it’s sold at Sephora, beauty supply stores, and some pharmacies (visit to find the closest location).

All you have to do before using it is wet it with water and squeeze out the excess liquid. The open-cell structure of the beauty blender absorbs the water so that just the right amount of product sits on the surface, allowing for a very natural-looking application when it comes to makeup.

Scrubbing away dead skin: One of the key steps in any skin-care routine is exfoliating, but it’s possible to be too aggressive, which is where the beauty blender comes in. Apply just a dollop of exfoliator to the sponge, making light but firm circular motions on your face and then rinsing with warm water. Ypu can also create your own scrub by mixing sugar with equal parts coconut oil.

Contouring: The small tapered end of the beauty blender is just as effective at adding definition to your face as an angled, fluffy brush since it can easily fit in areas like the sides and bridge of the nose that you’d want to define.Pat on bronzer with your finger where you want to contour and then gently dotting those areas with your beauty blender.

Removing stubborn makeup: A clean beauty blender can remove waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Dab liquid makeup remover onto the sponge, and press down on your eyelids to take everything off. And if you happen to get powder makeup on your clothing,use the beauty blender to buff the product right out. Hold the garment taught, and then swipe the sponge against the mark.

Defining your brows: After applying a pencil or shadow, you can use a beauty blender to soften harsh lines and blend the makeup in with the natural colour of your brows. Another trick: Blend some concealer into the arch of the brow with the smaller end of the beauty blender to create a more defined look.

Softening heavy makeup: Overdid it on the blush? No problem. The beauty blender is a great fix-it tool for thinning out anything you’ve applied too heavily. Take a Beautyblender that has a little bit of leftover foundation on it (this will help sheer things out), and bounce it on your skin wherever you’ve applied too much blush. This will blend the seams, getting rid of any hard lines.

Applying facial oil: After washing your face, squeeze a few drops of your oil of choice onto a beauty blender and apply in circular motions to help seal in moisture and ensure your face doesn’t look greasy.


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