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Traders’ Bodies Seek Sterner Action Over Bazaar Lots

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KUALA LUMPUR – Several traders associations have called on Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) to take stern action against individuals renting out the bazaar lots allotted to them.

KL Hawkers and Petty Traders Association president Datuk Rosli Sulaiman said the issue of parties renting out bazaar lots was disrupting the business of petty traders who were trying to survive in light of the economic challenges.

He said DBKL should look at more severe punishment for these individuals, such as terminating their trading licence immediately and blacklisting them.

“I cannot accept the practice of individuals renting out their lots just to make money. If they want to trade, then they must do just that. They must not take advantage of the situation because they are merely petty traders.

“DBKL has to find a more aggressive solution because this matter has gone on for far too long,” he told Bernama.

Rosli also suggested that DBKL review the balloting system as not all who applied for the bazaar lots were actually interested in trading.

He said there were agents behind the traders applying for the lots and these agents would pay them between RM5,000 and RM8,000 if they succeeded in securing the lots before renting them out to other traders who were willing to pay a higher price for them.

KL Bumiputera Petty Traders Association vice-president Datuk Mohammad Baba suggested that DBKL take action against both parties, those who rented out the lots and those who rented them.

He said those who rented the lots were the root cause of the problem because there would be no supply without demand.



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